On Board Air Force One

    Captain Zaki

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    On Board Air Force One

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    On Board Air Force One

    President Bush and President Hosni Mubarak of Egypt are greeted while President Bush is on his Middle East tour.

    Air Forces One maintenance and security personnel confer over a leaking actuator in Kuwait City, Kuwait.

    Israeli Prime Minster Olmert (left) and Israeli President Shimon Peres (center) listen as President Bush (right) tries to get support from the Arab allies.

    President Bush leaving the Kuwait International Airport in Kuwait City, Kuwait.

    Lt. Col. O'Boyle flying an Air Force One back-up plane en route to Kuwait City, Kuwait.

    A stair truck approaches Air Force One during an arrival ceremony in Israel.

    Air Force One security personnel stand at their posts before a farewell ceremony in Kuwait City, Kuwait.

    Condoleezza Rice, United States Secretary of State, approaches greeters during an Israeli arrival ceremony.

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